99 Best Cultural Identity Essay Topics

Getting cultural identity essay ideas may be easy for you but translating those into cultural identity essay topics may be difficult. There is no need to worry or fret. Since you’re reading this, you will be getting 99 cultural identity essay topics. You may even find the exact topic for your cultural identity essay ideas. So, continue reading.

Cultural Identity Essay Topics

  1. My Life As An Indonesian Immigrant In The United States of America
  2. Cultural Identity In Children’s Animation Films
  3. Cultural Appropriation: Not All Black People Are Africans
  4. The Role of Culture In Shaping A Person’s Identity
  5. How Cultural Factors Determine A Person’s Ethics and Morals
  6. Cultural Identity: The Challenges of Immigrating To A New Country
  7. The Impacts of Cultural Identity In The Workplace
  8. The Influence of Culture In Politics and Shaping Politicians’ Actions
  9. Cultural Discrepancies In Social Classes
  10. Cultural Perception of The People In Eastern Nigeria
  11. Cultural Identity of Teenagers Beginning High School
  12. The Link Between Religion and Identity
  13. How Culture Impacts Strongly On A Person’s Upbringing
  14. Living In Cross River, Nigeria
  15. My Life As An Indian Immigrant In Canada
  16. Cultural Identity: There Are Over 54 Countries In Africa, and I Am Nigerian
  17. Ten Culture Shocks I’ve Experienced In America As A Mexican Immigrant
  18. Adjusting To Schools In Ireland As A South African Immigrant
  19. The Role of Language In Cultural Identity
  20. Questioning Cultural Identity In A Country Colonized By The British
  21. Cultural Identity In Family Conversations
  22. Music As An Expression of Cultural Identity
  23. Questioning Identity As A Young Adult
  24. Religion As An Expression of Cultural Identity
  25. Questioning Identity In A Country Dominated By Islam
  26. Dressing As An Expression of Cultural Identity
  27. Food As An Expression of Cultural Identity
  28. Cultural Identity: 21 Days In Paris, France
  29. The Startling Similarities In American and Kenyan Cultures
  30. Cultural Identity of A Nigerian Immigrant In The United Kingdom
  31. The Different Cultural Perspectives In Health Equity
  32. Gender Roles As An Influence of Cultural Dictates
  33. Understanding The Role of Women In Select Cultures
  34. Cultural Identity: 7 Days In Kumasi, Ghana
  35. The Role of Cultural Identity In Promoting Select Stereotypes
  36. The Perception of Punctuality In Western Nigeria
  37. Hair As An Expression of Cultural Identity
  38. The Role of Cultural Identity In A World of Digitization
  39. My Identity As An Ethnic Minority In Pakistan
  40. Select Cultures That Should Never Go Extinct
  41. The Impact of Cultural Changes On Immigrant Families
  42. Do Our Cultural Identity Define Us?
  43. Cultural Identity and Education In A Teenager’s Life
  44. Cultural Identity In Determining A Person’s Choice of Career
  45. Cultural Identity On The Streets of Kumasi, Ghana
  46. Cultural Identity: Living As A Lame Person In A New Country
  47. A Study On What Cultural Factors Determine A Person’s Identity
  48. Comparing The Beauty Standards of Different Cultures
  49. My Experience With Freedom Rights In The United States
  50. Understanding The Cultural Practices That Should Be Discarded and Cultural Practices That Should Remain
  51. I Am Proud To Be A Jew
  52. Cultural Identity: Physically Reconnecting With Former Friends of The Same Tribe In A New Country
  53. Cultural identity: The Religion of The Itsekiri People
  54. Cultural Identity: Growing Up In A Family of Twelve Different Religions
  55. My Hair Grows Up: Exploring Hair Identity As An African-American Woman
  56. Marriage and Education: A Comparative Study of How Both Are Prioritized in My Home Country
  57. Cultural Identity: Living In Rome For 10 Days
  58. Roots: Searching For A Cultural Identity In The Motherlands
  59. What Exactly Is Cultural Identity?
  60. Clash of Cultures: Life In Canada As A Nigerian Immigrant
  61. Cultural Identity: Short Stories On 3 Powerful Women From My Grandma
  62. Cultural Identity: Lessons At The Market Place In My Home Country
  63. Cultural Identity: The Misrepresentation of Africans In Hollywood Movies
  64. Jollof Rice: The Silly Never-Ending Cultural Feud Between Nigerians
  65. Immigrant Life: Dealing With Acceptance In A New Country
  66. My Culture, My Heritage, My Pride
  67. Cultural Identity: Understanding The Carniriv of The Rivers People of Nigeria
  68. Carnaval do Rio de Janeiro: An Insight Of The Preparations For The Biggest Carnival Ever
  69. A Discussion On The Religious Festivities I Look Forward To The Most
  70. The Gradual Fading of My Country’s Cultural Identity For The Adoption of An American Culture
  71. Discussing The Oratory Prowess of India’s Six Greatest Orators In The Nineteenth Century
  72. Cultural Identity: Six Best Meals In My Home Country
  73. Cultural Identity: The Three Rivers That Don’t Meet
  74. Cultural Identity: The Proper Way To Eat Fufu and Okra Soup
  75. The Tradition Behind The Fattening Room of Calabar
  76. The Challenges of Maintaining One’s Culture In A New Country
  77. It’s In The Little Things: A List Of What I’ll Miss In My Home Country
  78. Cultural Identity: 20 Days of Living As A White Person In Lagos
  79. My Cultural Identity Autobiography Essay
  80. Why Cultural Identity Is Important For Every Human Being On Planet Earth
  81. Fashion As An Expression of Cultural Identity
  82. The Discrimination I Faced As A North Korean Immigrant In The United States
  83. Cultural Identity: Torn Between Two Cultures, Which One Do I Identify With?
  84. Discussing The Difficulties In Speaking The English Language As An Indian Immigrant In The United Kingdom
  85. Cultural Identity: The Culture That Binds The World
  86. Cultural Appropriation: Not All Asians Are Chinese
  87. The Influence of The United States Rap Culture In My Village
  88. Cultural Identity: My Story As A Ten Year Old On Grandpa’s Ranch
  89. The Written History of Three Ancient  Village Kings
  90. How I Was Accepted To Study International Relations In The United Kingdom
  91. Reminisces
  92. The Adaptation of Modern Technology In My Home Country
  93. A Reflection of Three of The Sixteenth Century Feminists In My Village
  94. All The Many Benefits Of Cultural Identity
  95. Understanding The Ijaw Culture of The Nigerian
  96. Discovering Who I Truly Am
  97. I Am Both White And Black
  98. My Journey To Self-Discovery
  99. How Traditions From Is Passed From One Generation To Another In My Home Country

How to Translate Your Cultural Identity Essay Ideas into Topics

Translating your cultural identity essay ideas should take the following steps:

Have a rough sketch: Jot down your ideas on a piece of paper. No, you don’t have to worry about them being structured at first. What do you want to talk about? You can refer to the free 99 topics to see the ones that match your idea.

Research: The next thing to do is research other cultural identity essays to guide you through writing yours. There are many free samples available online that are relevant to your essay idea.

Structure: Your cultural identity essay should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. This will help you in breaking your thoughts into comprehensive sentences.


With these cultural identity essay topics, you don’t have to be scared about writing your essay. Simply choose one of the topics that fit best, and you’re well on your way to writing your essay.