How To Write An Outstanding Gender Identity Essay

In this day and age, the world is taking gender identity more seriously than it did in the past. As a result of this, schools are now giving their students to write essays on gender identity. If you’re one of such students and you’re wondering what to write, worry no more. In this article, you will be learning how to write an outstanding gender identity essay.

What Is a Gender Identity Essay?

Before you start your essay, it is important for you to know what you’re writing. An essay on gender identity is one that focuses on gender to understand how and why a person behaves, and what factors are responsible for such. The environment where a person is born shapes their behaviour on whether they act like a man or a woman.

How To Write a Gender Identity Essay

If your lecturer asks you to write a gender identity essay, the most important thing for you is to write one that will get you good marks. The first step to achieving this is by having a good essay structure. While a basic essay structure comprises an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Here is what your essay structure should contain:


Here, you should introduce your essay topic. To grab your lecturer’s attention, it is advisable for you to start off with a relevant quote on gender identity. For example, you can begin your introduction like this:

“Gender identity is not one that is assigned at birth but who an individual truly is on the inside.”

To buttress this, you can quote a person directly and reference them. Next, introduce your essay topic. Furthermore, tell whether you’re arguing against or supporting a claim. You can choose to ask questions which you will answer either in the body or the conclusion part of your essay.


The body of your essay should contain your arguments/supports, points, and examples. You must make sure to add enough references but not too much. Some students worry when it comes to writing the body of their essay mainly because of word count. Here’s a tip to help you beat your word count: write in passive voice and not in active voice. For example, if you want to write:

“Biological differences do not make someone male or female nor do gender roles.”

You can write:

“Biological differences do not determine whether a person is male or female; neither do culturally-assigned gender roles make this choice.”

Do you see how the first sentence of two lines when written in passive voice became four lines? Now, in the body of your essay, make sure there is a flow between sentences. This means that each succeeding sentence should complement the previous one. If an argument has ended, make sure you write it out in a clear manner for the reader to understand. Also, do not forget to answer the questions you asked in your introduction. In addition to this, make sure all your arguments are strong.


Here, you should make a summary of what you have done and achieved. You can also choose to either conclude your argument or leave it open for further study.

After you might have done this, use a spell checker to correct for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. As simple as this may seem, an essay that is full of grammatical or spelling mistakes can cost you some marks.


To write an outstanding identity essay, you just need to follow basic rules when writing. It is such an interesting subject and getting original topics shouldn’t be difficult for you. All you need to do is look around you and observe how the different genders behave, think, or speak.

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